Trend: Industrial

Think old industrial shop runs smack into modern design. Heavy and rustic iron work from a dark, old factory from the turn of the century meets nicely finished honey stained wood or refinished reclaimed wood. Eclectic modern components meets large graphic patterns. Palette is mostly neutral, but has bursts of strong color around the room.


Trend: Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse staples such as cozy quilts, weathered antiques, and patinaed collections are hot topics. To make the style feel at home on by the sea try adding a few vintage nautical pieces to the mix....

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The Trend: Navy Blue

Though black has long been a decorating darling, designers are now enlisting Navy blue for their go-to dramatic hue. When paired with pops of white, red, or yellow it has an especially beachy vibe....

2021 Trends

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Full Length Floor Mirrors

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BrandtWorks mirrors are built well, and built to last.  The finest materials and lasting design shape our full length size floor mirrors.

  Each frame is hand crafted to exhibit a consistent and impressive level of quality in fit, size, durability and design.  The versatile finish options express a fresh style complimenting many furniture pieces .  Both vertical and horizontal hanging hardware is attached for an easy and sturdy wall mount option. 

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Muted Colors
Does the thought of bold colors anywhere in your home make you feel a tinge of anxiety? Don’t fret—it’s all about neutrals in the year ahead. “Whites, beiges, pale grays, camel, and blush pink are super on-trend,”  ...

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Trend: Bright and White

“When the weather turns warmer, and the days become longer, people tend to clean out their homes, reduce the clutter and gravitate toward bright, white spaces,” says interior designer Amy Elbaum. An all-white color palette is crisp, clean and refreshing.

Multiple size options ranging from body to full length leaning

Brand New finishes 

Gray was a prominent color in 2016 interiors and it will continue to reign in 2017. “We will see different tones of gray, a lot of gray and white, and gray in deeper colors,” Smith says. It’s the sort of color that complements a full spectrum of shades, from bold red to mellow ivory...

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Weaving texture into an interior makes it more inviting   ...

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Smith promises that 2017 will bring loads of bronze—a metal that warms up any space. “It’s a lot more classic in a sense,” she says, as it complements a myriad of decorating styles...